Userscripts for MouseHunt

Minluck & Catch Rate Estimate

View the minluck and catch rate estimate, right on the camp page.

Minluck & CRE tool

Shows hunt statistics on the camp page.

Gift Buttons

Add buttons to easily accept and return all daily gifts.

Item Links

Add links to the MouseHunt wiki, MHCT looter, MHDB, and Markethunt for items.

Mouse Links

Add links to the MouseHunt wiki & MHDB for mice.


Adds a price chart and Markethunt integration to the MH marketplace screen.

Wisdom Stats

Displays your wisdom stats in the HUD.

Taller Windows

Makes all the windows taller, so you can see more of the content without scrolling.

Favorite Setups+

Unlimited custom favorite trap setups!

MH Timers+

Handy script to keep track of the various MH location timers.


Community requested features for the tabs on your MH profile.

Marketplace UI Tweaks

Adds useful features and tweaks to the Marketplace rework

Tournament Time Helper

Automatically converts 'Begins in:' to your local time as well as adding the end time for tournaments.

No Share Buttons

Remove the 'Share' buttons that prompt you to share on Facebook.

QoL Utilities

Miscellaneous utilities to turbo-charge your MH experience

Censor Journal Names

Adds toggle button at top of journal to blur out names of friends/mapmates in most journal entries

Send Supplies Search Bar

Adds a search bar to make sending supplies easier

No Sidebar

Hides the sidebar.

Enhanced Search

Improve the search logic of search bars in the game


Convert mice weight to metric.

TEM Catch Stats

Adds catch/crown statistics next to mouse names on the TEM

Location Catch Stats

Shows caught and uncaught mouse breeds for every location

Travel Tweaks

Makes the travel page a bit better.

M400 Hunting Helper

Adds the ability to one click travel to the next M400 assigment location

Consolidated Map Colour Coder

Colour code your maps

Map Crown Display

Adds catch/crown statistics next to mouse names on the map

Mapping Helper

Map improvements: Invite via Hunter ID, and directly send SB+


Free Leech Return Tradables

Floating Islands HUD Enhancer

See more thing on your floating islands HUD!

Floting Islands Priority Calculator

Valour Rift HUD Enhancer

Changes the text that appears in the Valour Rift hud tooltips to give you the info you actually want to see

Living Garden HUD Enhancer

Quick travel buttons for the Living Garden area locations

Warpath Wave Calculator

Keeps track of remaining wave mice to help you manage the wave

Deep Run Assistant

Helps you check if you have failed a Deep Run

Spring Egg Hunt Helper

Helps you find and track eggs in the Spring Egg Hunt event.

Eggsweeper Helper

Helps you with the Spring Egg Hunt Eggsweeper minigame.

SEH Loot Counter for Hunting Log

Counts the number of unique loot you have in your daily hunting log.

Spooky Shuffle Tracker

Play Spooky Shuffle more easily.

Hween 2021 Trick/Treat map colour coder

Colour codes mice on trick/treat maps according to type.

Gifting Buttons

Adds buttons to easily ignore, accept, or return all free gifts.

Open "All but One" Kits/Spring Eggs

Adds an open "all but one" button to your kits and spring eggs which have > 2 quantity.


Change the shield to an event one or a fun custom one!

LNY 2023 Lantern Lighter Colourer

Color codes mice on Lantern Lighter maps according to type.

GWH 2022 Nice/Naughty map colour coder

Color codes mice on Nice/Naughty maps according to type.

Valour Rift Map Colourer

Color codes mice on Valour Rift maps according to type.